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Welcome to Apples and Pears Holdings – the tree from which our offerings have grown. 

Pick a community space and work with our teams of innovative multi-passionate experts who support our communities with me.

Tonisha Tagoe

Meet Tonisha Tagoe, the Founder and CEO of Apples and Pears Holdings. Tonisha is an award-winning entrepreneur, academic and businesswoman who is passionate about elevating businesses through open and honest dialogue and practical steps.

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Enterprise Toolbox

Provides active business leaders with growth strategies to prepare their business for maximum success.

Entrepreneur Toolbox

Supporting new and early-stage entrepreneurs with invaluable guidance and support for business growth.

Web Creators Toolbox

Offers web creators industry benchmarked techniques for producing quality content in businesses and beyond.

Daily Content Factory

We tailor our social media courses to deliver real, actionable goals that are guaranteed to take your brand to the next level.

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The Ladies Entrepreneurship
Club & Bootcamp

Our mission is to supply you with the knowledge, tools and resources required for starting a business, but we never overwhelm you with jargon, buzzwords or too much information at once. You will get a new section of focus every month over 14 weeks, scaled and tinkered to match the progress and growth of your business.

Elementor London
Monthly Meet-ups

Calling all Elementor enthusiasts and web creators in London.
These events enable us to meet, share, learn & support one another. We’ll be meeting using Zoom: the link and agenda will be available from on Meet Up and on our What’s App group closer to the event.

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