The Africa Energy Update

We are on a mission to support Africa’s energy sector by raising awareness of the need for an integrated Smart Grid system to help distribute renewable, sustainable and affordable energy to the many people of the continent.

At the helm of the initiative, CEO Tonisha Tagoe has dedicated years to the project and now seeks the help of individuals who share her passion for providing energy to Africa’s citizens with the help of artificial intelligence and Smart Grid technology.

Supporting and empowering people.

At the last Africa Renewable Energy Forum in 2016, Tonisha helped Morocco's Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment to understand the importance of integrating Smart Grid technology into the nation's energy distribution network.

Leveraging A.I technology to enrich and uplift communities.

Artificial intelligence is already being used by nations across the world to safely and securely distribute renewable energy via sophisticated Smart Grid systems and now we fight to deliver the same infrastructure to African countries.

Helping decision makers to save money, energy and lives.

AI can assist decision makers in understanding the volume and value of underground deposits of oil and gas, therefore making it easier to claim and distribute these resources at lower cost. These same systems can also help in the management of new non-hydrocarbon energy supply options.

Want to learn more about the cause?

To learn more about the African energy crisis and how A.I can help, click here to visit the African Energy homepage and check out their upcoming events and seminars. You can also find heaps of information on Smart Grid technology and renewable energy by reading the open access article by Jian Jiao here.