The Entrepreneur Toolbox

We work hard to deliver top-class training and resources to new and aspiring business owners who are taking the first leap into the world of entrepreneurship. No matter your field or specialism, we have the tools to skyrocket your success.

Our Flagship Product

The Ultimate Enterprise Planner is an invaluable tool for planning and documenting the progress and evolution of your business. The highly customisable, the planner can be personalised to suit the needs of any business or project type and comes in 3 themes and styles. 

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Upscale your business with simple, step-by-step coaching.

Join thousands who have transformed their careers.

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Data-driven coaching grounded with practical and simple learning modules.

Our curriculum can be found in MBA courses at the UK's top universities - minus the price!

Secure your first customers and clients.

With the Entrepreneur Toolbox, you will find highly supportive and personalised training designed to help you find your first set of clients and customers. We will train you in networking, sales, marketing, PR and more.

Long-term growth strategies and solutions.

We help our clients to not only launch a profitable business, but also ensure it remains sustainable with long-term growth strategies built on market projections and big data.

Our 3 step process

Step 1: Join our digital community

Select your Toolbox and delve into a world of training and support with our official Apples & Pears digital community area where you can access courses, learning materials, tools, resources and also meet other entrepreneurs on the path to success.

Step 2: Begin the training course

Once you are familiar with our systems, it’s time to begin your training! You will start with a light introduction session with one of our world-class business coaches who will walk you through the process while tailoring a personalised framework to suit your unique needs.

Step 3: Grow, develop and evolve

With our award-winning coaching and skill development training, you will learn volumes of new knowledge and skills as you grow into an inspiring leader. Using the 5 Stages of Growth and other academic models, fused with practical experience, you will be ready to take on new markets and expand your reach.

The Bootcamp:

Week 1




Ease into the Bootcamp with a friendly and laid-back introduction where you will get to grips with the structure and framework of the coaching process.

Week 2
About You




Discover your strengths, skills, talents and weaknesses while building a profile that you will enhance under the guidance of Tonisha.

Week 3
Self Assessment




Identify how you operate as a leader and a business owner by taking personality tests to generate psychological data.

Week 4
Lunch & Learn




Participate in a special group session where we will be joined by guest speakers who are ranked among the world's most prolific and successful in their fields.

Week 5
Becoming CEO




Build five S.M.A.R.T objectives to focus on in the future as you work towards being a boss, followed by a group session to solidify your knowledge and share your Bootcamp experiences.

Week 6




Week 6 of the Bootcamp is about exploring the very essence of your product and how it will solve a customer’s pains. Together, we will define and augment your unique selling point and value proposition.

Week 7
Getting to MVP




Week 7 is focused on following the steps required for building a minimum viable product by considering elements such as: product benefits, customer pains, manufacturers, suppliers, price and unique selling points.

And so much more




Each week will focus on a different aspect of launching and managing a sustainable business. All you need are the resources, talent, time and dedication.

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Ready to launch your new business yet?

Ready to launch your new business yet?