Meet Tonisha Tagoe.

Tonisha is the founder and Director of Apples and her mission is simple: guide entrepreneurs to success with award-winning coaching and support

Award-winning coach, producer and enterprise educator.

From television producer and MBA curriculum developer to enterprise educator, Tonisha is on the frontlines of adult learning and has won over 30 awards for her work. As the leader of Apples & Pears, she has gathered an elite team to deliver world-class coaching and training to people across the world and aims to transform the careers of 30,000 entrepreneurs by 2030.

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With a global reach of nearly 3,000, Tonisha has helped to transform the lives of entrepreneurs using a unique coaching framework built on the 5 stages of Growth - a model relied on by the world’s most successful CEOs.

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Leader of the Ladies Entrepreneurship Club

Tonisha leads a female networking group known as the Ladies Entrepreneurship Club which is home to countless talented and successful women. The club is always open to new members, so just hit the button below to learn more about its features, benefits and the popular coaching bootcamp.