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Welcome to Apples & Pears Ltd, your partner for successful business growth.

We specialize in providing integrated solutions for executive consulting services, B2B fundraising facilitation, sponsorship and PR services, event design, and strategic consulting.

Our approach is client-centric, innovative and adaptive, utilizing cutting-edge tactics to help your business thrive in the market. Our passion and dedication to your success sets us apart.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continuously elevate your business to new heights, driving innovation and achieving both financial and societal impact.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing excellent service, strategic solutions, and valuable expertise to our clients, always with a keen focus on achieving tangible business goals.

Our Process

Our process is a hybrid of knowledgeable consultation and creative solution-making, with the ultimate goal of helping your business realize its potential and succeed.

With you every step of the way

We design solutions for the complex needs of leaders.


Founding Your Business

Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey: Strategies for Launching and Growing Your Successful Business.


Expanding Your Business

Elevating Your Business Reach: Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Growth


Optimizing Your Business

Elevating Your Business Potential: Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Solutions that take your business further

Let's make your business stand out. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Executive Consulting

Welcome to Apples & Pears Ltd, your trusted partner for Executive Consulting. Our integrated approach ensures we put client’s needs at the center of our process and provide innovative and adaptive solutions. Viverra maecenas accumsan lacus vel satis porttitor ligula.

B2B Fundraising Facilitation

Our services include B2B Fundraising Facilitation, where we provide the best opportunities to raise funds for your business. Join us, and take the first step to nailing investment dollars like a pro.

Boutique PR Firm Services

At Apples & Pears Ltd, our goal is to make your business visible while instilling trust in your brand. Our Boutique PR Firm Services align your business vision with results-driven communication strategies. Join us and addresses challenges by speaking the right language to the right media for optimum visibility in a sustainable, unique key.

Sponsorship Facilitation

At Apples & Pears Ltd, our Sponsorship Facilitation provides established brands with relevant solutions that occupancy relevant target audiences. Our research-driven approach means value to brands, create new and distinctive areas of differentiation with superior leverages. Viverra maecenas accumsan lacus vel satis porttitor ligula.

Advertisement Facilitation

Our innovative Advertisement Facilitation curated ad strategics that drives results and guarantees success. Not everybody gets social media. Our team knows that! Let Apples & Pears Ltd. become a meaningful part of your journey, to implement heaps of discovery aligned with your consolidated ethical standards. Viverra maecenas accumsan lacus vel satis porttitor.

Event Design

Events designed by us are creative in details and innovative in formats, taking your goals, brand, and vision in mind – bringing them to life like no one business else can. Our exceptional and impeccable executions unite mind and soul bringing emotional vibes. Viverra maecenas accumsan lacus vel satis porttitor ligula.

Transform Your Business Today

Let Us Drive Your Success

Empowering Your Business with Integrated Solutions

We understand that running a business is not easy and support is sometimes needed. 

That’s where we come in, as a full-range business consulting firm offering executive consulting, B2B fundraising facilitation, PR services, sponsorship facilitation, event design, and strategic consulting. 

Using an approach centered around the unique needs of our clients, our innovative and adaptive strategies ensure consistent growth. 

Client Reviews

Rashida O.
Rashida O.August 2020
Read More
Gary was proactive and enthusiastic in helping me to completely re-write my entire website with more compelling and persuasive copy. Not being a native English speaker, this was massively helpful.
Caley B.
Caley B.September 2020
Read More
Going from zero customers to eleven within 4 weeks was mind-blowing. Tonisha and her team delivered an advertising campaign that basically saved my business.
Claudia B.
Claudia B.October 2020
Read More
Vicky did an amazing job at handling my account and making sure I had everything I needed. She always checked in, kept me up to date and delivered exactly what I asked way before the deadline.
Robert P.
Robert P.February 2021
Read More
Tonisha and her team put together a sales-driven marketing strategy in just a couple of days and managed to pinpoint a super-accurate segment to promote my business within.

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