Bootcamp week 1

Week 1 will focus on setting up your personal Instagram profile while touching on the best methods for engaging with your stakeholders. We jump right in after your account is verified and secured, so make sure you are ready to hit the ground running! Come equipped with your copy of the Ultimate Digital Fitness Trainer to enhance and deepen your learning experience. 

Week 1: Profile setup & Engagement

Week 1 will focus on setting up your personal profile while touching on the best methods for engaging with your stakeholders. 

Setting Up Your Account

Setting up your Instagram account is the first step to begin your social media training, and it is crucial that you get all the steps right to ensure we can commence learning without delay. The session will get you settled with an easy introduction to the systems we will be using and what lies in store. Hit the button below to initiate your first session.

Security & Privacy

Security and privacy are two of the most vital aspects of online life and this module will teach you the best practices for ensuring both yourself and your clients remain secure. You will develop a deep understanding of data protection, antivirus software, VPNs and more. Keep your Ultimate Digital Fitness Trainer to hand, if available, for additional commentary and tips. 

Start Engaging through comments & messages

Reaching your stakeholders is a key component of keeping them happy and satisfied. This module will show you how to best engage with your Instagram followers by creating a discussion out of your content with reference to communication theory and optimal practice methods. In addition, you will learn how to tailor messages to suit a variety of audiences for ensuring your content is both culturally sensitive and engaging. 

Bonus! Working With The Algorithm

Every major digital platform operates with a series of unique algorithms that dictate what content will reach certain users depending on their previous session. In this module, we will explore how Instagram’s algorithms function and how to wield them successfully to reach your target audience.