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In my quest to provide the very best support for my clients, I host a highly popular and bespoke coaching service called the Power Hour: a 1-2-1, informal session held over Zoom where we can chat and explore your concerns, allowing me to provide accurate advice and actionable goals for growing your business.

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Power Hour Session:

You are unique as an entrepreneur. Your business is unique as an enterprise. Because of this, the challenges your business faces and the opportunities that open up for you are unique as well.

This is why we offer you a one to one coaching session hosted over Zoom, so we can zoom in on your circumstances and help you along your business journey from your unique perspective.

The training is highly bespoke and tailored to your needs to the last degree so we can offer individualised advice and goals for your business. It’s still held in a semi-informal setting to allow us the freedom to fully explore your concerns.

The main goal of the power hour is for you to leave with actionable insights that you can apply to overcome your current challenges or pursue opportunities on your horizon. We’ll take a practical dive into utilizing all the business tools available to you that you need to move your business forward.

Best of all, our power hour sessions come bundled with a free business planner so you can immediately build strategies to apply what we discuss in the session.


Included in the Power Hour:

  • A extensive evaluation of your business and strategy
  • You will be speaking to an expert with nearly twenty years of experience
  • You will have the opportunity to show-and-tell and get feedback on your progress as an entrepreneur
  • You will leave with real, actionable goals and next steps
  • You will gain access to the ‘Client Portal’, your digital hub for accessing our various Toolbox services and connecting with other members

The Power Hour can be booked at any time for a date that suits you best. Just fill out the details below and I will get back in touch at the earliest convenience.

Who is this for?

  • Entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups
  • Business owners, enterprising leaders and CEOs
  • Teachers and academics
  • Tradesmen 
  • Students and young entrepreneurs
  • Teens and children interested in business

Cost: £50 per hour


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